Friday, December 19, 2014

TGIFF-Wedding Style!

Thank Goodness It's Fashion Friday, Wedding Style!

It's the time of year that everyone is making plans for New Years Eve and more importantly picking out what they plan on wearing for their glamorous New Years Eve parties to ring in 2015!  The task of what to wear becomes even more daunting if you're getting married!!!

In this exclusive blog I've highlighted one of my very favorite bridesmaid dress options from Weddington Way and helped to accessorize it from head to toe!  With all of the New Years Eve weddings coming up, I hope you can use this look to become the perfect bridesmaid or take it as inspiration for whatever party you plan on attending this holiday season!
My beautiful bridesmaids and I last August!

I have a soft spot in my heart for styling wedding parties since I recently got married and had a pretty large wedding party of amazing and beautiful bridesmaids...10 to be exact!  Picking the perfect ensembles for your BFFs can make a huge impact on the whole look of the wedding and can also really help to tie everything together!

For today's look, I chose this dress because I feel with the sleeves and beautiful neck line it is a flattering cut for many different body shapes!  I am also in love with the trend of having your bridesmaids in ivory or champagne along with you!  I think it gives the whole wedding a clean, effortless yet glamorous feel! 

Now for the fun part!  When it comes to styling bridesmaids I think it's extremely important to let them all pull in a little bit of their own personality while still keeping it cohesive!  This will not only help the wedding party feel comfortable but also leave your wedding feeling true rather than contrived, so keep that in mind and let them choose their hair styles or makeup looks!!

For this beautiful dress I would have the girls keep the main accessories in the monochromatic color palate adding sheen with gold and texture with suede pumps!  I kept the champagne color going with the shoes and the statement earrings!  How insanely beautiful are those!?  The floral arrangement really adds the pop of color that this look is craving with the drooping shades of plum, lavender, blush and sage!

As for the makeup and nail polish, I think a glowing natural look is perfect!  And this dark plum nail polish ties in the flowers and the season!  Giving the look a modern twist to the luxury it already has!

 Remembering these major trends when deciding on your perfect attire:  monochromatic color palates, dripping in gold accessories, dark plum nails, and lace!  Take these elements and have fun creating your perfect look to ring in 2015!!!

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year from Shopping Girl XOXO to you!

Lora LaPratt

DRESS:  Weddington Way
FLOWERS:  Pintrest
MAKEUP:  Jordan Liberty

Friday, December 5, 2014

TGIFF Couples style!

Thank Goodness It's Fashion Friday, Couples Style!

One of my favorite men's boutiques, Bonobos, reached out to me to style a woman's look to compliment one of the looks from their new collection of men's suits!  They have such great suits for all different styles coming out in their new collection!

I decided to choose this super sleek and modern slate suit!  I love the slim fit and the monochromatic idea of the whole outfit together.  It reminded me of the suits that my husband and his groomsmen wore in our wedding, so I took that as inspiration when coming up with my complimentary woman's look!  I also played off of the texture and color palate of the tie to pull in some neutrals and golds with my woman's look!

I love the idea of keeping both the guy and girl simplistic in color with some sheen and texture to add intrigue and pull the looks together!  I'm also really into the fact that both of these looks can be worn year round depending on where you're going!  

I picture these fabulous looks going together out to a fancy dinner downtown, or an amazing holiday party!  With these two looks, they're sure to catch everyone's eye without begging for attention!  Subtle, sleek, modern, young, and fresh come to mind with these two complimentary looks!

My woman's look is inspired by the monochromatic idea with ivory and gold in rich textures of brocade and leather!  The fun pink ostrich clutch adds that perfect pop of color! I would love to see the guy wearing a fun sock in pink to really tie them both together in a subtle way!


Be sure to take your significant other to Bonobos the next time you're on the hunt for the perfect complimentary look for your fashionable Friday night (or any other night) event!

Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

Bangles:  3 Hearts Boutiquer
Earrings:  Glam 2 Go
Clutch:  Target
Belt:  Vintage

Friday, November 28, 2014



 As the streets are filled with mobs of shoppers hunting for their marked down gifts, camping out in below freezing weather for the newest electronic, and charging doors of companies to get a deal on Thanksgiving Day decorations; doesn't  a nice relaxing cup of coffee over the latest Shopping Girl XOXO blog before you enjoy your afternoon with your family sound a bit more relaxing?  :)

In honor of today's namesake, I have chosen to highlight what I'll be wearing around town tomorrow afternoon while I shop local for SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!

This monochromatic look in all black is a sleek ensamble that gives me an instant air of confidence!  I've chosen a statement piece in this amazing vintage inspired jacket with bracket details on the dollum sleeves!  I'm obsessed!
Underneath I layered my favorite pair of leather leggings with a loose fitting black blouse.  The black knee high boots are not only a huge winter trend this year, but also really help to pull the whole look together!  I went with tons of delicate knucle rings, a dainty rose gold necklace and gorg. rose gold hoops to match the rose gold brackets and highlight one of my favorite parts of the jacket, the lining!

I will be rocking this look tomorrow as I shop some of my favorite local boutiques before heading to a local bar to hear some live music!  Very chic rock n' roll!  :)

I hope this look gives you some style inspiration for the weekend and reminds you to shop local tomorrow on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!

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Leggings:  Express
Blouse:  Fashion Tomoato
Sunglasses:  Ulta
Earrings:  3 Hearts Boutique
Necklace: Ali's Collection

Friday, November 21, 2014


Thank Goodness It's Fashion Friday!

Not only do I love Friday because it is the beginning of a 48 hour vacation for most of the world, but more importantly because weekends are full of fabulous events to wear fierce outfits!  
Starting this week and moving forward, I'll be sharing a fun look that I love on my TGIFF blog!!  

My first TGIFF look is filled with some of my very favorite trends of the season!
Royal colors, leopard print, sheer details, and raw gem stones!  How can you go wrong!?

I am obsessed with this flowy purple top!  It is such a great piece that can be worn so many ways!  For today, I used it as my backdrop and played up the accessories 
to really pull the whole look together!

I had a brisk and busy day running around to some of my very favorite boutiques for an awesome client!  I also spent time in the editing shop making a photo flip book for yesterday's client, so I wanted to make sure I wore something 
comfortable and fashionable to pop in and out of multiple places!
 Then, this evening my husband and I are making dinner with a couple of friends before we head out to a comedy show!  So, I figured this was a great look to transition easily from a busy work day to a comfortable and relaxed evening out with friends!
 These shoes are to die for!  Not only are they the perfect way to add a fun pattern to any look, but they truly are uber comfortable as well!  I think animal print in subtle accents is always a fun and exciting addition to a look!

I went with gold jewelry and kept the pieces pretty edgy to modernize the look!  I'm in love with the Ali's Collection pendant necklace and simple druzy studs!  Both pieces tie any look together!  This gold belt was my grandmother's and has been a go-to of mine for years!

My look was put together with an eclectic mix of high and low end as well as locally made brands!
Check them all out below, and have fun putting your own TGIFF look together for the weekend!

Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

Photos:  Andrew Garcia Photography
Necklace and Earrings:  Ali's Collection (available in the Shopping Girl XOXO showroom!)
Shoes:  Taryn Rose
Jeans:  Old Navy
Belt:  Vintage from my grandmother!
Cuff:  Polyvore

Photo's by Andrew Garcia

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Video To Show You Why I've Been Gone! :)

Rather than fill this blog with written excuses for why I've been super MIA for the last 6 months on the blog, I thought I would share a video instead!  :)

My HUSBAND and I finally tied the knot after 18 months of engagement/planning and almost 7 years of dating bliss!  :)  We got married this summer at our cottage on Torch Lake on Aug. 9th!  The wedding was everything we had dreamed of and much more!  

Because of the major planning (which I LOVED) I did end up putting a lot of my fun extra circulars on hold (including my blog) while planning, and then honeymooning, and then doing major catch up with my awesome clients over the last few months!  

So I'm here today to share a glimpse into our beautiful day! Let this transport you to the warm summer months for a moment, and get you ready to start checking in on Style In The City on a regular basis again now that I'm back in Chicago and ready to hibernate in style for the winter!  ;)

Hope you enjoy!

Shopping Girl,
Lora Goodrich ;)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

YOU In The City: 1st signs of Spring!

The last couple of days have given me hope that Spring may actually be close!  I enjoyed a gorgeous Sunday late afternoon/early evening on an outdoor patio in Lakeview with friends!!! ...of course as soon as the sun began to set we jetted to an indoor table by the fireplace... but if cocktails on a patio aren't the first Chicago sign of Spring, I don't know what is! :)

With Spring in the air, colors on the street are starting to brighten up and fun printed dresses are making appearances! Wool coats are getting switched up for cropped bombers, and I've even seen some sandals walking the sidewalks (maneuvering around the snow piles)!

As much as I would like to say I found these Spring style trends walking the streets of Chicago, I have to admit these were pulled from Pintrest due to the roller-coaster of weather happening here.  I've had to resort to online style gawking, for now...but as soon as people are finally able to start rocking some of their on trend looks for Spring with out having to cover them all up for warmth I'll be posting my favs staight from the streets!  

Alas, for now, here are a few of my favorite stylish looks to rock out and about this Spring!
Floral prints with a watercolor affect!  Gorg!

Chunkerific gold chains!  Everywhere!

Geometric prints, army jackets and cuffs!  <3

Slouchy pants with heals, black, white & a pop of leopard!   Adore!

Keep the color palate simple, rock pastels, and own a classy maxi!

Get inspired and start rocking your own Spring Style In City!
Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anna Hovet: Designer In The City

Anna Hovet is the designer, maker, and face of her brand, Anne Hovet!  I had the pleasure of visiting her Chicago studio this week where she makes all of her amazing designs and it made me fall even more in love with her brand than I already was!  Anna is a vibrant, unique, fun chic with a laid back attitude that makes you feel comfortable right off the bat!  Her clothing is exactly the same!  A perfect combination of cool, fun, comfortable, and cute!  I'm so excited to be selling this awesomely "Chicago" brand in the Shopping Girl XOXO showroom!

Anna Hovet brand started 5 years ago and is going strong with it's unique approach to woman's wear.  Her creative styles are always pushing boundaries while still being completely wearable in your every day life!   Anna herself describes the brand as a "young progressive womanswear brand that combines designer style and street-wear comfort.  Manufactured in Chicago, the collection specializes in knitwear including reversible jersey dresses, unique sweatshirts, and beautifully draped outerwear."

The Anna Hovet customer is someone who likes to be comfortable while still being super stylish.  Who doesn't, right?  From dresses, sweatshirts, and outerwear you're sure to find that perfect go to piece to make you feel amazing for Spring!  She has pieces that can be dressed up and dressed down to match any lifestyle!

My favorites are Anna's pieces that can be worn more than one way!  I love a good two for one piece!  :)  She has adorable reversible dresses that are a solid black on one side (wear it to work this way) then a cool print and pop of color on the other (just flip it around for the evening!)   These pieces are so great for traveling and packing less too!

Check out this video of Anna in her beautiful studio!

It always makes me happy to support such a fun loving designer with a great concept and brand!  I know you'll love her too!  Find your favorite Anna Hovet pieces and create your won Style In The City!  :)

Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

Sunday, March 9, 2014

ROAM Boutique In The City!

If you have been on the search for a super chic, high end boutique to call your new "go-to" stop for finding amazing pieces, your search is finally over!  ROAM Boutique, which just recently opened in November of 2013 in the beautiful Old Town neighborhood, has an air of coolness about it before you even walk in the door.  Once inside the open two story boutique, you'll be transported to an eclectic combination of ritzy meets outdoorsy decor framed by a beautiful staircase, glass balcony, and gorgeous chandeliers.

I had the pleasure of attending their opening party and instantly fell in love with the style!  The owner, Mallory Ulaszek, clearly knows what she's doing, as this is her third storefront at a young age!  I'm drawn to the overall concept of ROAM because, as Mallory pointed out, "we really focus on the cutting edge of what's happening in fashion.  So think:  lots of up and comers, a lot of forward brands, and a lot of exclusives."  This is evident in the lux feeling of the store!

I love to be able to walk into a boutique and feel that I am getting a special experience, which is exactly what happens when entering ROAM.  Plus, your man has no excuse to not go shopping with you, because half of ROAM is devoted to men's clothing!  "Our vibe here is very laid back and client focused."  Just a few of the awesome designers at ROAM include 10 Crosby by Derek Lam, and ICB by Prabal Gurung.  These two designers have an amazing way of translating such personality into their lines!  "They design for the cool city girl and this is exactly who out clients are at ROAM." says Mallory.  

ROAM definitely highlights awesome local designers as well,  including Jules Jewelry, which I love!  The pieces have such an organic, sophisticated edginess to them! C/FAN, a luxury fur accessories brand, and one of their newest additions, Remi Canarie, a brand that should be added to your favorite local designers list if it isn't already there!
Jules Jewelry
Remi Canarie

 ROAM is an escape from reality that will transport you into a very cool new way of shopping!  :)

Roam's Opening Event
Shopping Girl,

Monday, March 3, 2014

Obsessions In The City: Oscars Style

I'm not always a huge fan of watching the Oscars in it's entirety, don't get me wrong, I could watch the red carpet for days...but this year I was captivated!  I have quite a list of obsessions from last nights Oscars starting with...

Jared Leto!

As I tweeted last night, "I could not possibly be more obsessed with Jared Leto!  What a class act!  <3" From his sexy demeanor, little red bow tie, adorable speech about his mother, and then to address his feelings on AIDS so eloquently,
 "As you struggle to make your dreams happen, to live the impossible, we're thinking of you tonight...36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS,...who ever felt injustice for who you are and who you love.  Tonight I stand in front of the world for you." Check out his speech in it's entirety here!

 He set the bar high for the rest of the winners!  Swoon <3


I can't even stand how fierce this chic is!  She totally rocked that ruby red dress singing her heart out to one of everyone in the world's favorite songs, Somewhere Over The Rainbow!  
P.S. am I the only one who didn't know Liza Minnelli is Judy Garland's daughter????



She can do now wrong, I mean for real!  She has made no mistakes in this amazing start of her career!  Another flawless look all the way down to the headband accompanied by a flawless speech!  She literally takes my breath away!

My top three favorite looks of the night!  

Goldie Hawn was golden perfection! 

Emma Watson was modern, edgy, and gorgeous!

Lupita was floating on a light blue cloud!

Bitch Stole My Look!?

Whoopi pulled a Bitch Stole My Look moments!  Check her out wearing the exact same thing as Julia Roberts did just a month earlier (minus the ruby red heals) to the Golden Globes!!!???

I was obsessed with this year's Oscars, and would like to end on one more obsession from the evening, U2's performance of Ordinary Love, paying tribute to Nelson Mandela!


Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

Friday, February 28, 2014

YOU IN THE CITY (Fashion Week New York)

As New York Fashion week is arguable one of the most fashionable events of the year world wide I wanted to highlight some of my favorite new trends for 2014 as seen in street style at New York Fashion Week 2014!  Here are some of my favorite looks walking the streets, I feel like these style maven's looks speak for themselves, but let me know what you think!

Sexy Slouchy Pants

It's all about the Coat

Bare Midriffs everywhere

All three of these styles have such an air of effortless chic!  I'm so into the casual elegance they bring for Spring!  Get inspired and create your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt