Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We all know that Chicago weather is a guessing game and the answer changes from hour to hour in the beautiful Windy City!  Spring is the time of year when my e-mails and texts are overflowing with clients looking for items to get them through the transitional months of the season!  Everyone wants to start wearing fun bright colors and can't wait to start rocking the easy breezy dresses that summer begs for, but the weather doesn't always cooperate!

I've highlighted my three top transitional wardrobe pieces that every fashionable city girl should own!  The best part about the pieces is that they really do help expand the longevity of your favorite summer duds, and most likely they will become your obsessions as much as they are mine. Let's just say I have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to....

1.  Blazers!  I can't get enough of a great fitted blazer!  It is THE PERFECT way to make almost any dress work appropriate, and takes any casual top to a much more trendy/sophisticated level!  You can get them in major color statements, funky materials, and the perfectly flattering length for your height!  My check list when searching for the perfect blazer for you = *Check the lining!  A fun print on the inner cuff will add an element of expense! *Look for a material with some stretch so the fit forms to your body and doesn't look to stiff!  *Pay attention to buttons, I recommend a one button blazer for a modern look that will create a perfect hour glass shape!

 2.  Tights!  A cute pair of tights can not only keep your legs warm on a breezy Spring day, but easily add texture and appeal to any outfit!  Tights are such a fun, inexpensive way to play with your style!  Try a pop of color, an interesting print, or a subdued texture!  Wear them with boots, flats, or heals!  Play around in the mirror to find the perfect combo for your personality!

3.  Scarfs!  Such an obvious answer to the problem of seasonal temperature changes!  So many people think scarves are just for winter, but luckily in the last few years the materials, lengths, shapes, and uses of scarves continue to evolve!  Find yourself an infinity scarf that you love and experiment with all of the different looks you can create!  Once you fall in love with the infinity scarf as much as I have, you can easily turn any and all of your other scarves into an infinity with a quick line at the sewing machine!  LOVE!

So bust out your favorite warm weather looks and use these easy transitional pieces to make them wearable NOW!  Have fun creating your own Style In The City!
Shopping girl,