Friday, February 28, 2014

YOU IN THE CITY (Fashion Week New York)

As New York Fashion week is arguable one of the most fashionable events of the year world wide I wanted to highlight some of my favorite new trends for 2014 as seen in street style at New York Fashion Week 2014!  Here are some of my favorite looks walking the streets, I feel like these style maven's looks speak for themselves, but let me know what you think!

Sexy Slouchy Pants

It's all about the Coat

Bare Midriffs everywhere

All three of these styles have such an air of effortless chic!  I'm so into the casual elegance they bring for Spring!  Get inspired and create your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

La Pucara : Designer In The City

I can't tell you how excited I am to highlight La Pucara Jewelry this week!  I have been carrying their designs in the Shopping Girl XOXO showroom since we first opened and they are an amazing seller to my clients!  They are the perfect addition to any outfit to add a pop of color or a statement piece to an otherwise average look!  The pieces come in an array of fabulous colors and sizes, making it easy to find that perfect piece for anyone's style!  

La Pucara's brand focuses on what the jewelry is made out of, where it comes from, and who it supports! Colleen, La Pucara's designer and creator puts it perfectly:

"Our brand is about creating a different jewelry experience for our customers.   Each of our pieces is handcrafted in a way that accentuates the natural markings and character of the materials.  Also, by owning our jewelry, our customers are supporting rainforest preservation and small businesses here in the US and in Ecuador, making the jewelry anything other than ordinary."   

To add to the awesomeness of this brand, all of the La Pucara jewelry is made from seeds!  They go through a long process of choosing the seeds sustainably harvested in the rainforests of Ecuador, shaping them, and dying them to make unique new pieces and colors every season to add to their collection!

The SACHA necklace is a constant best seller!  Depending on the color, it is the perfect statement necklace to pack quite a punch when making an entrance!  The nice thing about La Pucara is that they make similar designs in different sizes for those who like a chunkier look, or those who prefer a more subtle piece!  They also have many pieces that can be worn more than one way (as a necklace and a bracelet) or more than one length (so you can adjust for different necklines etc).

Colleen is a great model of her pieces!  She is always rocking the newest styles and colors, and it just goes to show what a La Pucara customer is all about!  

"Our perfect customers are women who want a designer look, are aspirational and slightly rebellious, and want jewelry that looks luxurious.  These women are also eco-friendly and care about helping other women who are trying to make a change to improve their lives.  For our customers, our jewelry represents more than just a fashion statement, and adds a little something extra to any outfit or day!"

I am proud to continue spreading the La Pucara style to my clients for so many reasons!  It's always nice to not only love the look and fashion of a brand, but to be invested in what they stand for and support as well!  Shopping Girl XOXO's showroom is always full of amazing La Pucara pieces in every color of the rainbow, so make an appointment today to get that perfect gift for someone special or complete your look with the perfect pop of color accessory!

Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt  


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Comfort Me Boutique In The City!

I'm so in love with this gem of a boutique!  Comfort me Boutique is set just East of Halsted on Armitage in Lincoln Park's shopping district, yet when you walk in the doors you will be transported!  Where you'll be transported to has endless possibilities, because the beautiful decorations in this cozy boutique have a special air about them that leave you questioning where exactly you are!  From the woods with a beautiful full tree and dripping steam, to a comfortable fire place in a cottage, or maybe relaxing on a beach in a hammock?  You'll find new and spectacular decor you hadn't noticed every time you visit, but the best part of Comfort Me Boutique is the unique assortment of clothing and home goods!  

CMB opened just under three years ago and has been doing so well that they recently opened a pop up shop in Hyde Park!  They opened as a team of a mother and two daughters, and the family atmosphere transferees over to the vibe of not only the name, but also the boutique!  "Comfort Me Boutique's vibe is relaxing, homey, and eclectic."  As you shop through the store you'll notice a fresh and modern take on vintage inspired pieces!  You can't help but feel cool in an understated way when searching through the racks of clothing as well as the perfectly unique little nick-knacks and gifts!  Being engaged, one of my first thoughts was, how can I register here?  :)

The abundance of really talented and funky local designers is also one of my favorite things about this place!  There really is a locally designed item (or five) for everyone on your list!

When I asked Alyssa, one of the owners, to tell me a little about Christina Karin, she had this to say, "her apparel is made in Chicago which is amazing.  Also, her collections are beautiful and she has a nice range of price points in order to make her designs more accessible to everyone. We have a Christina Karin faux fur wrap in stock that I had to snatch for myself right away. They make it possible to be practical in this crazy weather without looking like the Michelin man."  LOVE!

Courtney Rhodes' line of scarfs called Rho is such a cool, unique, and most importantly useful take on a scarf!  Not only are they all hand painted silk in drop dead gorgeous colors and patterns made in Chicago, but she has added a metal clip to the scarf called a Rho clip which helps you to wear it tons of different ways!  As a stylist I can't tell you how often people ask me "what are some different ways I can wear my scarf?"  The Rho scarf is a super chic take on an every day scarf that will get you endless compliments, guaranteed! 

Pyar & Co. is the line that had me wanting to register at Comfort Me Boutique!  They are actually designed IN Lincoln Park and the intricate beeding and painting make you want to cuddle up on a beautiful couch somewhere while feeling fancy at the same time!  It doesn't get much better than that, especially in this weather!  :)

Alyssa chillaxin' by the beautiful fireplace!
I've fallen in love with this super cool, unique, chic boutique and can't wait for you to as well!  Check it out and let me know what your favorite purchases were!

Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My January Obsessions In The City!

So January has been a bit chilly, (which is probably why the first half of my obsessions list is sweaters and television! :)  The first obsession slash new guilty pleasure is Lifetime's UNDER THE GUNN hosted by the oh-so perfect Tim Gunn!

The show is a spin off of Project Runway, and thank goodness because I can't go another month with out my favorite show in some capacity!  This designer competition takes three past winners of Project Runway and lets them create their own design team to compete against each other every week in a crazy design competition a la Project Runaway!  Say hello to my new Thursday nights (leopard onesie, plush throw, my couch, and my DVR!  :)
My next obsession of the month has seriously turned into a bit of a problem :) ... I am dying over the fancy sweatshirt trend!  It is the perfect excuse to stay super comfortable and still look completely put together in this weather which makes me want to reach for the warmest, coziest, softest things in my closet every day!  A few of my favorite sweatshirt trends include lace embellishments (Gorge! With simple pearls and rolled sleeves), block letter phrases (mine says BELIEVE IN LOVE, perfect layered over a chambray shirt with leather leggings), and studs on sweatshirts is a great way to make it evening appropriate with a funky skirt and ankle boots!

My third obsession, which makes me want to get out of the house and strut the streets of Chicago, is floral sunglasses!  They're a perfect reminder that Spring is on it's way!  I can't even handle how beautifully funky Kelly Osbourne's are in this Instagram shot!  Dolce & Gabbana, I'm obsessed!

Lastly, one of my favorite gigs this month was an editorial shoot for wool socks!  The team I worked with was amazing, and I just love the super cozy, casual, intimate vibe of the shoot!  Click here to check out the full campaign!  Styling shoots with such talented models, photographers, and makeup artists is always a blast and this one summed up how January 2014 felt to me perfectly! 

Let me know what your Obsessions in the city were in January and Stay tuned for my next Boutique In The City blog coming later this week!
Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt