Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beach Babe!


The beach is the perfect destination to chill out and relax in this heat!  I LOVE 50's inspired swimwear this summer!  Whether your into a vintage inspired bikini or a super posh one piece, the 50's can inspire your entire beach vibe!

I love the ruched sided bottoms and halter tops of the 50's.  Super flattering on any body type and honestly takes me to another decade when wearing them myself.  I always feel a little more flirty, relaxed, curvy, and confident!  :)

A few of my favorite bathing suits available now...

Fire Red 50's!
Amazing detail!

Similar Styles Can be Found @ J. Crew!  Perfect for every shape and size!
Pair your perfect bathing suit with some Hollywood style large and in charge sunglasses, A geometric printed beach towel, and a fabulous floppy brimmed hat to not only protect your beautiful face from the rays but to help you hold your shoulders even a little higher ;) 
Old Navy!  SO perfect!

Chanel Summer Collection!  <3

Soak up the sun while it lasts while creating your own Style In The City!

                                                                                                        Shopping Girl,

Sunday, July 24, 2011


We all know the temperatures in Chicago, and the U.S. for that matter have been UBER high these last few weeks!  Don't let the heat ruin your summer!  Here are a few tips to keep you feeling and looking sexy/cool in these crazy high temps!
Nude from Day to Work to Night!

*LIGHT COLORS!  Nudes, pinks, and tans are the colors of the summer!  What better excuse to rock the fashion trends then heat!  These colors will keep you cool while staying 100% on trend!

*LESS IS MORE!  Go for the minimalist look with your jewelry.  There is no need to pile on the accessories to look completely fabulous! 
After = totally sexy/cool
Before = Super easy!

*HAIR UP STYLES!  Making sure your hair is off your neck is the easiest way to drop your temperature!  I love the braid frenzy (as mentioned in my earlier post) but a super sheik and easy way to stay cool is with a deep side part, slicked back into a low side bun!  Insanely easy, sexy, COOL!

STRAPPY SANDLES!  Heat is not the time to balance on high heals!  Find your favorite strappy flat sandles, pair them with your miniest mini and own the streets as your STEAMY runway in the city!  :)

Lather on your sunscreen and enjoy the SUN with your own Style In The City!

Happy summer!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Music Fest Must Haves!

 I always feel summer time has officially begun when I load up my picnic basket, prepare my fruit filled sangria, and roll up my blankets to head to Ravinia.  This Saturday was no different; perfect/steamy weather, my girlfriends in tow and Jennifer Hudson performing!!!  This year I was helping to host a Cheeky event, so not only did we get to enjoy the usual greatness of Ravinia, but it came complete with goodie bags and balloons!  :)  It was a perfect night...we were even able to catch a glimpse of some stars after the sun went down!  

J Hud looked fierce as usual.  She was sporting the bright color blocked trend with a hot pink mini and bright yellow satin top.  Her legs went on for days and the colors looked gorg on her skin tone!  She is the complete package!  <3

Now to the important stuff!  :)  What should you rock when dancing the night away barefoot in the grass, or strolling the hundreds of other great music festival streets of Chicago this summer?
My four favorite Music Fest Must Haves :  Feathers, Lace, Wedges, & Maxis ~

@ Ravinia 2011!
*Feathers are everywhere and I'm dying over it!  You can find them in any size, color, and form!  Earrings, necklaces, hair accessories add that perfect touch of style with out being over the top.  My personal favorite feather accessory is a great pair of long light pink feather earrings with gold embellishments that I snagged at Strange Cargo in Lakeview.  They are so light weight for summer nights, and make any outfit festival ready!


*I fell in love with an off white lace dress an attendee from the event I was hosting was modeling fiercely  all  night!  The best part about this dress is how easy it is to change up the look with a different belt, shoes, under layer, or blazer!  So sexy/casual.

*Wedges = the perfect answer for how to add a few inches and still be able to dance the night away without dying!  This summer they come in every color/pattern/style imaginable!  The answer to my prayers!

Alice and Olivia Maxi belted

Maxi skirt with belted T

*Maxi dresses and skirts!  They just exude summer comfort! I love a cotton maxi with a great belt,or change it up with a light weight cropped T belted over the dress!

Pick one or mix and match them all, either way get out there and enjoy the music with your own style in the city!

Shopping Girl,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexy Summer Braids

I am a sucker for a beautiful braid!  Just wanted to throw it out there!  I love braiding back my wispy bangs and bobby pinning them up on hot summer days, a loose and messy side braid is a perfect casual look with a funky twist, and a French braid hairband with loose summer curls is to die for!

Lauren Conrad is one of my fashion icons for many reasons, braids being one of my main favorites!  She pulls them off so well making them look perfectly, messily, flawless!  :)  In these super hot days of summer a braid is always the answer!  Get it off your forehead, off your neck, off your shoulders, and look fabulous doing it!
French hairband

Bobby Pinned Back Bangs Braid
Sexy Messy Side Braid



Play around with braids and make your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Multi Color NailTrends!

Nails are a MAJOR addition to style and believe me, this year is no different!  There have been some CRA CRA nail trends going on this year!  I for one, LOVE doing something a little fun and unexpected with my nails!  Its an easy way to show your personality without being over the top...well in some cases at least! : )

Who doesn't love a little Willy Wonka!?
This year we've seen it all from Nail Pics which have been favorites of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga to the more "subtle" aplicay of rhinestones or lace!  I'm not gonna lie, I think this is SO fun!
Rockin' the rhinestones!
Blake is always classy with understated lace!

Now, to get these looks all on your own I recommend the patterned nail decals!  You can get them at your local CVS or Walgreen's by Sally Hanson, OR for those of you Chicago peeps Hubba-Hubba boutique at 3309 N. Clark has some great options!  They are super fun and easy!  I like to put a pattern on only one nail of each hand then match the others to it with an accent color!

I do have to say my favorite nail polish trend of the moment is ONE nail on each hand a different color than the rest!  It's always hard making the decision between your two faves, and now you don't have to!  : )  At the moment I'm rocking out a Rimmel London Purple Rain on most fingers with a pop of OPI in Kiss Me pink!  Try to stay away from the neutrals with this trend...you'll just look like you forgot a finger.  I like to choose my ring finger, the stand out nail highlights my ring perfectly!  : )

So, grab your two favorite colors that look great together, a nice glass of wine, and get to work!  : )
I'm loving it, and after spending an amazing week at Torch Lake with the fam, I now have adorable Great Cousins passing the trend along in Northern Michigan, so watch out!    : )

                 Now go create your own Style In The City  <3


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Suite 7D

Me with the other hosts of the event!

Imagine a huge loft area with white floors and walls, leather white seating and minimalist pops of color through pillows, flowers, and art.  The spot was Aeree Loft in Wicker Park, and the event was Suite 7D.  I had the honor of hosting this super fun event last weekend and wanted to share some highlights! 

If there was a Real Housewives of Chicago, they would be hanging out at this event for sure!  :)  A DJ spinning, Seven Daughters wine flowing, and stylish Chicagoans mingling fiercely throughout the night...
Clearly my favorite part was the corner with clothing pulled where I was able to give some styling tips and secrets!.  I also enjoyed the VIP area with massages being given while listening to acoustic bongo and guitar music (AMAZING)!  The photo area was tons of fun too, you can check them out on facebook!!!

It's always fun to style watch at amazing events like this.  I loved seeing so many of the major Chicago style trends coming to life on some of the hottest girls at this super posh event! A few of my favorites from last Thursday :
Erica rocking a colorful maxi!  <3

*  Thin belts over dresses!  LOVE!  A perfect way to accentuate the waist and while giving your fabulous dress a new twist!
*  Bursts of color!  Exactly what we need this summer!  Don't be afraid to add some pops of color!  My favorite combo is orange with turquoise accents!  SO summer!
*  Flowy maxi dresses!  So boho sheek!  Always gives an air of relaxed beauty!
*Chunky necklaces!  My fav!  Always adds a pop of personality to any outfit!

I had such an amazing time hosting, styling, mingling, and enjoying some great wine at this event!  Can't wait for the next!
      Shopping Girl,
My quote on the wall of the event!  :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrate Summer with Decade Inspiration!

Flowers are blooming, outdoor beer gardens are hopping, patio parties are a regular fixture in your weekend activities.  Summer is here people!  Now is the time for your wardrobe to spring into this season’s fashion trends!  As a stylist in the windy city, I love that this summer’s fashion trends are vintage inspired from a combination of decades gone by!


The 1950’s inspired curvy silhouettes, accentuating femininity at its best.  Girls are rocking 50’s inspired dresses everywhere, from flirty polka dots to below the knee hem lines.  Look to Marilyn Monroe to visualize this super sexy trend!

The 1960’s was bursting with bright colors, bold patterns, color blocked dresses and super short minis!  This is all the rage once again this summer!  Twiggy originally inspired this fun and totally groovy trend.  Now it’s your turn!

Rugby, belt purse
The 1970’s bohemian trend has stuck around for quite a while now!  The modern twist is to focus on the girly boho beauty.  Stock up on lace, crochet, and flowing pastel dresses!  Top this trend off with a 70’s inspired belt purse!  Susan Dey from the Partridge family  is a perfect bohemian beauty to inspire you!

The 1980’s had some powerful trends all around!  Play with proportions this summer.  Oversized billowy tops with super fitted jeggings are the new go-to comfort trend!  A cute day dress with a funky shrunken leather jacket by night will keep you modern with a twist of the 80’s!  Madonna rocked it then, now it’s up to you!

Me rocking out a my fav. Banana Republic blazer!  :)
The 1990’s was all about unisex fashion!  Adding a bit of masculinity to your style can take it to the next level.  Rock a belt over your tunic, a button-down with your cut offs, a light weight blazer over your dress, and a man’s watch to emulate the 90’s!  Can we say 90210?

Take the fashion from the decades and use it as inspiration this summer!  Interpret it your own way and give it your own spicy style!