Tuesday, November 29, 2011



My favorite trend this season is quickly becoming the forever stylish cape!  Completely and utterly fabulous inducing!  I swear as soon as I put one on, I transform into someone everyone wants to be... or at least it makes me stand that much taller and walk that much cooler, even if it is all in my own head!  :)

The point is, a cape can take any dreary outfit up a notch in trend and sophistication!  Score!

Vintage Burberry reversible cape!  <3
For a timeless piece that will work with anything, I highly recommend a great camel cape!  Camel is all the rage and the best part about it is it's neutrality!   You can rock a camel cape with just about any color under the sun!  Gorg!

For any vintage enthusiasts out there, keep your eyes open because I have some wonderful cape finds from the 60's that I seem to gravitate towards in my closet more than any others!

A few tips for cape shopping/wearing :
*  Belt it!  anywhere from thin to wide belts look great over capes to ad a little shape and up the sex appeal!  Play around with the belt!  They look great OVER the front and UNDER the back of a loose cape look!
*  Look for reversible capes!  Two fabulous looks in one, what a great concept!
*Play with proportions and keep your bottom fitted with a great pair of riding boots for the perfect look!
Built in belt cape from Jarlo Tippi

Reversible Missoni!!
Throw on your favorite cape and make your own Style In The City this winter!
Shopping Girl,

Monday, November 21, 2011


Thanks to my great friends from K & S Boutique in Lakeview I was invited to a super fun "juicing party"!  Without knowing what in the world to expect except some fabulous clothes from K & S, some beautiful new jewelry designers, decadent chocolate, and fun fresh juice drinks, my friend and I ventured out on one of the first very cold nights of November! 

From the invitation we had anticipated a bit of a "Real Housewives of Chicago" atmosphere,... thank goodness what we entered was SO much more fun!

We got off the elevator to be greeted by floor to ceiling canvases of beautiful art!  LOVED Dena Lyon's technique to create vibrant trees that really put you in the picture emotionally!  I'm a huge believer in color connection, and with her huge assortment of color combinations in her paintings there is no way each painting wouldn't connect to each person on a different level!   (http://www.denalyons.com/)  After our hall way walk of art we entered the shoulder to shoulder packed tiny apartment of artsy partsyness!  Super fun!


After creating our very own fresh juice concoction me made our way around the party and I am so happy to have met Daria Amerik of icandi!  Her jewelry is beautiful and very unique!  The gemstones she uses are vibrant and they all have a trendy edgy side mixed in with the beauty and diversity of all the jewelry creations!  Check out her website at www.damerik.com/jewelry.html

The delicious baked goods, organic chocolates, funky music, K&S clothing and jewelry, vegetarian cuisine, hand made jewelry and beautiful art surrounded by good vibrations all added up to very unexpectedly fun night!

Create your own unexpected fun and art up your style in the city!
Shopping Girl,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Obsession : Project Accessory

I love this new uber creative and completly inspiring reality spin-off of Project Runway!  P.R. has always and will always be up there on my list of fabulous reality shows, and Project Accessory may be quickly rising to the top of the list as well!

One of the best, and one of the worst!
At first glance, I thought it would get old pretty fast but after the first episode that consisted of taking trash from OLD storage units and turning it into crazy cool accessories my view quickly changed!  The whole premise reminds me of my glory years in Odyssey of the Mind/Destination Imagination (please tell me someone out there knows what I'm talking about)!  Creative problem solving to turn old trash into modern pieces of art!  LOVE!

There are many aspects of the show that I'm pretty much obsessed with, my top three :
3 Accessories to style an LBD!
1.  SO many different styles and ability levels rocking out self-expression through major creativity!
2.  The judges aren't choosing the most in your face cray cray pieces, but rather the most stylish, wearable pieces unbiased from their own trends.
3.  I just love the massive desire to dig through my closet to create my own works of art after each episode!

Check out Project Accessory and get inspired to CREATE your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,