Monday, April 30, 2012


This pring has been undeniably beautiful!  I've laid out on the Chicago beaches, had many sunny runs on Lake Shore Drive, and busted out my sandal collection weeks ago!  Yet, you have to admit this month of April always seems to wedge some showers into the mix!  That's why you should always be prepared to look stylish and ready for the downpours (like today for example :)

When prepping for April showers, I like to use May flowers as my inspiration!  :)  The basics every woman should have in the Spring?  I say a great pair of rain boots, a rain resistant trench, and a super stylish umbrella you aren't afraid to be seen in public with!

Hunter is a force to reckon with when talking sexy rain boots...who knew it was possible!?  The Lonny High Heal in brown and the Kellen wedge in black are great to match any outfit, still give you the height of a heal, and keep your little feet warm and dry in the spring showers!  I love the sex appeal of the Lonny, while the Kellen's mid-rise gives it a more casual day look

A great trench is something every woman should own!  Finding the right shape, length, and color for your life style and body frame is key!  For a lean frame I recommend the classic trench coat style!  For a more dramatic look, a bubble hem is great especially on curvier frame.  Bright colors are everywhere so don't be afraid of color.  If an all over pop is too much for you, changing up the belt on your trench is a fun way to play around with different looks!

Umbrellas are the fun part!  I still to this day think about an umbrella that I left at a restaurant.  I got it from Esta Lauder as a gift with purchase years ago!  It was beautiful!  Bright teal with water colored flowers and a curved wooden handle.  I hope it has a new owner who appreciates it as much as I did!  :)  I like to have a few umbrellas around to go with my outfit!  A fun floral pattern brightens up a rainy day, a geometric black and white print is always a safe bet, and the ultimate Chicago umbrella, the clear, wind resistant shape will get you through the roughest storms with out ruining your "do"  :)

Grab your spring shower essentials and create your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,

Monday, April 2, 2012

Leopard Addiction!

I'm almost positive that a few years ago you could have quoted me saying "I hate leopard print"  and "especially leopard and pink TOGETHER".  But, that is why in fashion you should never say never!!!  I have recently become slightly addicted to the massive leopard print craze!  I'm not saying that I want a full on cat suit...or even a completely leopard print dress...but I AM addicted to the tiny touches of leopard you can add to liven up an ordinary outfit and take it to an extraordinary one!

I was on a waiting list for the new leopard TOMS.  LOVE!!!!  What a great way to be comfortable, stylish, and stay completely on trend on a day-to-day basis!  PLUS, you're giving back and this is National Volunteer Month!


As you may have noticed in my Love Is In The Air Blog a few months back ( , I'm still digging on a thin leopard belt.  It is the perfect little accessory to add some neutrals to a pop of color dress or top plus it looks great with a bright pant as seen here!!  <3  Check out my last blog to see it with a super cute dress!

My personal favorite, and the item I'm pushing the leopard print envelope with the most is my super sexy, super comfortable, super sheer leopard print cardi from Urban.  What a perfect statement piece!  Love it belted over an LBD, over a basic T and jeans combo, or even on the beach!  Leopard perfection!

So grab your go to leopard accessories, remember to never say never and create your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,