Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What do you CRAVE in Chicago!?

As the holidays are quickly approaching, it's about that time to make lists and check them twice for all the festive tasks that must be done! Beautifully decorated trees are highlighting windows as you walk down the streets of Chicago bundled up in your wool coats and super chunky infinity scarfs for maximum warmth.  Delicious cookies have been baked for work parties, travel plans have been made for your vacation time, and your gift list is beginning to dwindle down to those last few friends and family members that you can never seem to find that "perfect" thing for...

That's where I come in :)  Thursday evening the CRAVE Chicago 2nd edition will be published, out and ready to be wrapped under every Christmas tree!  The super attractive coffee table book is perfect for that woman in your life that craves anything from restaurants, boutiques, photography, dance, style, and most importantly supporting local entrepreneurs!  It is chock full of amazing Chicago businesses and will help you find exactly what you're looking for with it's colorful photography, personal Q&As, business profiles, and huge coupons!

Shopping Girl XOXO Spread!
My personal shopping and styling business, Shopping Girl XOXO, will be highlighted along with 121 other prospering Chicago businesses!  This is the perfect answer to those last holiday gifts on your list!  Also great birthday and New Years gifts!  Start the year off right, support local businesses!

If you're interested, shoot me an email at, I can ship the book to you that day, or we can arrange for pick up if you're in the Chicago area!  Only $20!

CRAVE Chicago is the perfect book to create your own Style In The City this holiday season on your own coffee table or sharing the love with others!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011



My favorite trend this season is quickly becoming the forever stylish cape!  Completely and utterly fabulous inducing!  I swear as soon as I put one on, I transform into someone everyone wants to be... or at least it makes me stand that much taller and walk that much cooler, even if it is all in my own head!  :)

The point is, a cape can take any dreary outfit up a notch in trend and sophistication!  Score!

Vintage Burberry reversible cape!  <3
For a timeless piece that will work with anything, I highly recommend a great camel cape!  Camel is all the rage and the best part about it is it's neutrality!   You can rock a camel cape with just about any color under the sun!  Gorg!

For any vintage enthusiasts out there, keep your eyes open because I have some wonderful cape finds from the 60's that I seem to gravitate towards in my closet more than any others!

A few tips for cape shopping/wearing :
*  Belt it!  anywhere from thin to wide belts look great over capes to ad a little shape and up the sex appeal!  Play around with the belt!  They look great OVER the front and UNDER the back of a loose cape look!
*  Look for reversible capes!  Two fabulous looks in one, what a great concept!
*Play with proportions and keep your bottom fitted with a great pair of riding boots for the perfect look!
Built in belt cape from Jarlo Tippi

Reversible Missoni!!
Throw on your favorite cape and make your own Style In The City this winter!
Shopping Girl,

Monday, November 21, 2011


Thanks to my great friends from K & S Boutique in Lakeview I was invited to a super fun "juicing party"!  Without knowing what in the world to expect except some fabulous clothes from K & S, some beautiful new jewelry designers, decadent chocolate, and fun fresh juice drinks, my friend and I ventured out on one of the first very cold nights of November! 

From the invitation we had anticipated a bit of a "Real Housewives of Chicago" atmosphere,... thank goodness what we entered was SO much more fun!

We got off the elevator to be greeted by floor to ceiling canvases of beautiful art!  LOVED Dena Lyon's technique to create vibrant trees that really put you in the picture emotionally!  I'm a huge believer in color connection, and with her huge assortment of color combinations in her paintings there is no way each painting wouldn't connect to each person on a different level!   (  After our hall way walk of art we entered the shoulder to shoulder packed tiny apartment of artsy partsyness!  Super fun!


After creating our very own fresh juice concoction me made our way around the party and I am so happy to have met Daria Amerik of icandi!  Her jewelry is beautiful and very unique!  The gemstones she uses are vibrant and they all have a trendy edgy side mixed in with the beauty and diversity of all the jewelry creations!  Check out her website at

The delicious baked goods, organic chocolates, funky music, K&S clothing and jewelry, vegetarian cuisine, hand made jewelry and beautiful art surrounded by good vibrations all added up to very unexpectedly fun night!

Create your own unexpected fun and art up your style in the city!
Shopping Girl,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Obsession : Project Accessory

I love this new uber creative and completly inspiring reality spin-off of Project Runway!  P.R. has always and will always be up there on my list of fabulous reality shows, and Project Accessory may be quickly rising to the top of the list as well!

One of the best, and one of the worst!
At first glance, I thought it would get old pretty fast but after the first episode that consisted of taking trash from OLD storage units and turning it into crazy cool accessories my view quickly changed!  The whole premise reminds me of my glory years in Odyssey of the Mind/Destination Imagination (please tell me someone out there knows what I'm talking about)!  Creative problem solving to turn old trash into modern pieces of art!  LOVE!

There are many aspects of the show that I'm pretty much obsessed with, my top three :
3 Accessories to style an LBD!
1.  SO many different styles and ability levels rocking out self-expression through major creativity!
2.  The judges aren't choosing the most in your face cray cray pieces, but rather the most stylish, wearable pieces unbiased from their own trends.
3.  I just love the massive desire to dig through my closet to create my own works of art after each episode!

Check out Project Accessory and get inspired to CREATE your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Most Eligible Style

OK, so Most Eligible Dallas, the uber pretentious and completely plot-less new reality show has sucked me in!  If I had to choose one reason why, it would be for the leading lady Courtney Kerr.  Clearly this is not because of her nails on a chalk board voice, her inability to man up and confess her love for her best friend, or her closed-minded approach to letting anyone into her inner circle. No, the love side of my love/hate relationship with Courtney stems from our very similar tastes in style, not gonna lie, I would die for most of her closet!
Loving the colors and chunkerific necklace!
The three rules I have come to live by in my own personal style, and Courtney rocks as well :
Obsessed with this dress!
*1*  Over sized billowy tops/ dresses that hang in just the right way (always playing with opposite proportions on the bottom of course :)
*2*  Contrasting colors!  Have fun with your color pallet!  A great way to add pops of interest!
*3*  Fabulous necklaces, the chunkier the better!  Statement piece please!
casual sheik look!  <3

This Love/Hate relationship will continue on because I can't get enough of what she's going to wear next and her hair is pretty fierce too!  Get inspired by your favorite obnoxiously addictive reality star and create your own style in the city!
Shopping Girl,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Housewife Inspiration!

I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE me some reality TV!  Project Runway, ANTM, Real World (who's hyped for San Fran season!?!?) and who can keep their eyes away from the train wreck of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!!???  Last week's episode had the ladies tromping through the airport in their stiletto boots, fur trimmed jackets, and cowboy hats?  As foolish it all was, it got me super inspired for fall!

I am dying to see the leaves change colors, smell the pumpkin and spices in the air, throw on a chunky sweater and my fall favorite, some FIERCE boots!  Here are a few of my top picks at the moment!

(FO) REPTILE SKIN!  It's so lux and refined with a little hint of trouble mixed in!  I'm loving Michael Kors fall collection including these beauties!

TIES & WEDGES!  For an every day boot to throw on and look polished grab some boots with right on trend lace-ups and a super comfortable wedge to give you height this Fall!  Marc by Marc Jacobs is a great place to start your search or to simply start your inspiration!  :)

SOCKS W/ YOUR SHOES!  It's not as intimidating as it may sound!  Socks will amp up the edginess of your outfit just enough and helps to make your favorite shoe that might not be Fall appropriate a Fall must have!  This gorgeous Fendi healed shoe is a perfect example!

Find your perfect pair and rock your own Style In The City!
                                                                  Shopping Girl,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding Season!

Sorry for the couple week break from blogging fashionistas!  I have been wedding hopping through the last few weeks of the season.  Enjoying receptions ranging from formal dinners, outdoor BBQs, and nights filled with dancing!  I just LOVE an excuse to dress up for a party, so here are a few of my favorite wedding GUEST dress styles of the season!  :)
ESLEY from P & L Boutique!
I'm loving lace and ribbon details!  I bought this dress MONTHS ago and knew exactly what reception I wanted to wear it to...every time I opened my closet I drooled over this beauty and finally got to dance the night away in it celebrating Britney and Lucus' marriage last month!  The super easy and comfortable style is taken up a notch with the fabulous ribbon shoulder detail!  LOVE!

Angie from Hubba-Hubba Boutique
 For the outdoor wedding I'll always love a great maxi with a fun print!  This Angie dress is uber flattering, comes in tons of colors and prints, has adjustable straps, and even comes in different hem lengths!  Such a fun, flattering, funky, fashion statement with out being over the top!  Looks great with a nice pear of wedges and small floral hair accessory to amp up the boho vibe just enough!

Joseph Ribkoff, available at Anana's Boutique

For those black tie affairs, I'm obsessed with my LBD!  The collar is to die for!  the roushing makes it easy and wearable while the collar can take it to that Hollywood level every girl has a hidden desire to feel!  SO sexy chick its sick!

Find the perfect dress for each individual celebration
and own your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tribal Print Take Over!

Keepin' it classy!

I'm not gonna lie, when I first saw the tribal print trends all over the runway I was a little hesitant...ok, SUPER hesitant! The uber crazy mash up of prints and colors made it hard for me to picture out in the "real world". Lucky for me some fierce chicks out and about in Chicago have made me reconsider my opinion and I'm slowly falling in love with the tribal print take over!

The best thing about the trend is you can make it as big or small of a 
Perfect with a basic black T!
 statement in your outfit as you want! I spied a super stylish waitress at Pick Me Up Cafe rocking a tribal print mini with cute pockets, and keeping it simple with black tights and super basic black baby T. LOVE!

On Michigan Ave I spotted a fierce woman strutting her stuff in a silk tribal print top tucked into high waisted brown wide leg trousers. SO classy!

I am personally loving a boxy, light weight black and white tribal print top. Perfect to pair with your 
Forever 21!!
 favorite skinny jeans, ankle boots, and infinity scarf for that pop of color and edge vibe everyone craves once in a while!

Find your favorite printed piece and rock your own Style In The City!

Shopping Girl,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mystic Blue: Yachting In Style!

If you haven't taken a cruise on one of Chicago's amazing yachts off  Navy Pier, you are missing out!  My friend and I decided to enjoy the beautiful city sky line, some delicious beverages, and mingle with Chicago's elite this last Thursday night!  It was a great night, not only chatting it up with some super fun people, but also for style watching!

Grab your tickets today, and read on for the perfect outfit to Yacht In Style!  :)....


Billowy fabrics, Diva draping, and color blocking in pink will make you fit right in while sipping martinis and magically balancing on your stilettos through the waves!  :)   I'm in love with this super flattering funky colored short draped dress on the left!   Beautiful and fun all in one!  For a relaxed and chic look get inspired by Valentino with this super fun maxi.  The Alice + Olivia dress on the right is the perfect mix of elegant and sexy in pastel pink!

So grab your girls, practice your balance, and hop on a yacht to create your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,

Sunday, August 7, 2011


 Who doesn't love a great bonfire?  Complete with s'mores, log benches, the sound of waves in the background of good friends singing around the light of a crackling fire.  Let your bonfire style inspire you this August!  It's all about the comfy cozy vibe of slouchy off the shoulder Ts, chunky knits, and hoodies with lace details to give a hint of femininity!

These bonfire must-haves are a perfect way to transition your summer wardrobe into fall!  Throw on a second layer over your favorite summer dress to make it work into the fall!  Here are a few of my favorite layering pieces out this season!

Urban's lace sweatshirt!
This chunkerific cardi looks great over a grey maxi Tshirt dress 

I'm loving Monoreno's lace detailed hoodies as well as Urban's sweatshirts


Michael Stars is coming out with some super slouchy new designs that are perfect for that chillaxin' vibe. 

                   Start a fire this August with your own Style In The City!
                                                        Shopping Girl,

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back Cut Out Rage!

Ashley's top
What better way to cool off in the summer heat than with a fun surprise back cut out!  There are so many great dresses and tops literally floating around this season and I'm DYING for them!

I'm freaking out watching the finale of the Bachlorette right now...(Ashley's sister is being super evil) BUT, I can't stop thinking about her blue silk backless tank she wore on her date in Thailand!  The flowy material and vibrant color looked so cool and relaxed in such a comfortable way!  <3

                                                                                                          I'm also obsessed with dresses that have funky cut outs!  I'm super happy that designers have been smart enough to make them bra appropriate!  Urban Outfitters has some FIERCE dresses that can be rocked day or night!
Edgy print!

Such a cute day dress!

Find your favorite cut out and rock your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beach Babe!

The beach is the perfect destination to chill out and relax in this heat!  I LOVE 50's inspired swimwear this summer!  Whether your into a vintage inspired bikini or a super posh one piece, the 50's can inspire your entire beach vibe!

I love the ruched sided bottoms and halter tops of the 50's.  Super flattering on any body type and honestly takes me to another decade when wearing them myself.  I always feel a little more flirty, relaxed, curvy, and confident!  :)

A few of my favorite bathing suits available now...

Fire Red 50's!
Amazing detail!

Similar Styles Can be Found @ J. Crew!  Perfect for every shape and size!
Pair your perfect bathing suit with some Hollywood style large and in charge sunglasses, A geometric printed beach towel, and a fabulous floppy brimmed hat to not only protect your beautiful face from the rays but to help you hold your shoulders even a little higher ;) 
Old Navy!  SO perfect!

Chanel Summer Collection!  <3

Soak up the sun while it lasts while creating your own Style In The City!

                                                                                                        Shopping Girl,

Sunday, July 24, 2011


We all know the temperatures in Chicago, and the U.S. for that matter have been UBER high these last few weeks!  Don't let the heat ruin your summer!  Here are a few tips to keep you feeling and looking sexy/cool in these crazy high temps!
Nude from Day to Work to Night!

*LIGHT COLORS!  Nudes, pinks, and tans are the colors of the summer!  What better excuse to rock the fashion trends then heat!  These colors will keep you cool while staying 100% on trend!

*LESS IS MORE!  Go for the minimalist look with your jewelry.  There is no need to pile on the accessories to look completely fabulous! 
After = totally sexy/cool
Before = Super easy!

*HAIR UP STYLES!  Making sure your hair is off your neck is the easiest way to drop your temperature!  I love the braid frenzy (as mentioned in my earlier post) but a super sheik and easy way to stay cool is with a deep side part, slicked back into a low side bun!  Insanely easy, sexy, COOL!

STRAPPY SANDLES!  Heat is not the time to balance on high heals!  Find your favorite strappy flat sandles, pair them with your miniest mini and own the streets as your STEAMY runway in the city!  :)

Lather on your sunscreen and enjoy the SUN with your own Style In The City!

Happy summer!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Music Fest Must Haves!

 I always feel summer time has officially begun when I load up my picnic basket, prepare my fruit filled sangria, and roll up my blankets to head to Ravinia.  This Saturday was no different; perfect/steamy weather, my girlfriends in tow and Jennifer Hudson performing!!!  This year I was helping to host a Cheeky event, so not only did we get to enjoy the usual greatness of Ravinia, but it came complete with goodie bags and balloons!  :)  It was a perfect night...we were even able to catch a glimpse of some stars after the sun went down!  

J Hud looked fierce as usual.  She was sporting the bright color blocked trend with a hot pink mini and bright yellow satin top.  Her legs went on for days and the colors looked gorg on her skin tone!  She is the complete package!  <3

Now to the important stuff!  :)  What should you rock when dancing the night away barefoot in the grass, or strolling the hundreds of other great music festival streets of Chicago this summer?
My four favorite Music Fest Must Haves :  Feathers, Lace, Wedges, & Maxis ~

@ Ravinia 2011!
*Feathers are everywhere and I'm dying over it!  You can find them in any size, color, and form!  Earrings, necklaces, hair accessories add that perfect touch of style with out being over the top.  My personal favorite feather accessory is a great pair of long light pink feather earrings with gold embellishments that I snagged at Strange Cargo in Lakeview.  They are so light weight for summer nights, and make any outfit festival ready!


*I fell in love with an off white lace dress an attendee from the event I was hosting was modeling fiercely  all  night!  The best part about this dress is how easy it is to change up the look with a different belt, shoes, under layer, or blazer!  So sexy/casual.

*Wedges = the perfect answer for how to add a few inches and still be able to dance the night away without dying!  This summer they come in every color/pattern/style imaginable!  The answer to my prayers!

Alice and Olivia Maxi belted

Maxi skirt with belted T

*Maxi dresses and skirts!  They just exude summer comfort! I love a cotton maxi with a great belt,or change it up with a light weight cropped T belted over the dress!

Pick one or mix and match them all, either way get out there and enjoy the music with your own style in the city!

Shopping Girl,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexy Summer Braids

I am a sucker for a beautiful braid!  Just wanted to throw it out there!  I love braiding back my wispy bangs and bobby pinning them up on hot summer days, a loose and messy side braid is a perfect casual look with a funky twist, and a French braid hairband with loose summer curls is to die for!

Lauren Conrad is one of my fashion icons for many reasons, braids being one of my main favorites!  She pulls them off so well making them look perfectly, messily, flawless!  :)  In these super hot days of summer a braid is always the answer!  Get it off your forehead, off your neck, off your shoulders, and look fabulous doing it!
French hairband

Bobby Pinned Back Bangs Braid
Sexy Messy Side Braid



Play around with braids and make your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,