Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexy Summer Braids

I am a sucker for a beautiful braid!  Just wanted to throw it out there!  I love braiding back my wispy bangs and bobby pinning them up on hot summer days, a loose and messy side braid is a perfect casual look with a funky twist, and a French braid hairband with loose summer curls is to die for!

Lauren Conrad is one of my fashion icons for many reasons, braids being one of my main favorites!  She pulls them off so well making them look perfectly, messily, flawless!  :)  In these super hot days of summer a braid is always the answer!  Get it off your forehead, off your neck, off your shoulders, and look fabulous doing it!
French hairband

Bobby Pinned Back Bangs Braid
Sexy Messy Side Braid



Play around with braids and make your own Style In The City!
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