Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrate Summer with Decade Inspiration!

Flowers are blooming, outdoor beer gardens are hopping, patio parties are a regular fixture in your weekend activities.  Summer is here people!  Now is the time for your wardrobe to spring into this season’s fashion trends!  As a stylist in the windy city, I love that this summer’s fashion trends are vintage inspired from a combination of decades gone by!


The 1950’s inspired curvy silhouettes, accentuating femininity at its best.  Girls are rocking 50’s inspired dresses everywhere, from flirty polka dots to below the knee hem lines.  Look to Marilyn Monroe to visualize this super sexy trend!

The 1960’s was bursting with bright colors, bold patterns, color blocked dresses and super short minis!  This is all the rage once again this summer!  Twiggy originally inspired this fun and totally groovy trend.  Now it’s your turn!

Rugby, belt purse
The 1970’s bohemian trend has stuck around for quite a while now!  The modern twist is to focus on the girly boho beauty.  Stock up on lace, crochet, and flowing pastel dresses!  Top this trend off with a 70’s inspired belt purse!  Susan Dey from the Partridge family  is a perfect bohemian beauty to inspire you!

The 1980’s had some powerful trends all around!  Play with proportions this summer.  Oversized billowy tops with super fitted jeggings are the new go-to comfort trend!  A cute day dress with a funky shrunken leather jacket by night will keep you modern with a twist of the 80’s!  Madonna rocked it then, now it’s up to you!

Me rocking out a my fav. Banana Republic blazer!  :)
The 1990’s was all about unisex fashion!  Adding a bit of masculinity to your style can take it to the next level.  Rock a belt over your tunic, a button-down with your cut offs, a light weight blazer over your dress, and a man’s watch to emulate the 90’s!  Can we say 90210?

Take the fashion from the decades and use it as inspiration this summer!  Interpret it your own way and give it your own spicy style! 

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