Monday, October 10, 2011

Most Eligible Style

OK, so Most Eligible Dallas, the uber pretentious and completely plot-less new reality show has sucked me in!  If I had to choose one reason why, it would be for the leading lady Courtney Kerr.  Clearly this is not because of her nails on a chalk board voice, her inability to man up and confess her love for her best friend, or her closed-minded approach to letting anyone into her inner circle. No, the love side of my love/hate relationship with Courtney stems from our very similar tastes in style, not gonna lie, I would die for most of her closet!
Loving the colors and chunkerific necklace!
The three rules I have come to live by in my own personal style, and Courtney rocks as well :
Obsessed with this dress!
*1*  Over sized billowy tops/ dresses that hang in just the right way (always playing with opposite proportions on the bottom of course :)
*2*  Contrasting colors!  Have fun with your color pallet!  A great way to add pops of interest!
*3*  Fabulous necklaces, the chunkier the better!  Statement piece please!
casual sheik look!  <3

This Love/Hate relationship will continue on because I can't get enough of what she's going to wear next and her hair is pretty fierce too!  Get inspired by your favorite obnoxiously addictive reality star and create your own style in the city!
Shopping Girl,