Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Obsession : Project Accessory

I love this new uber creative and completly inspiring reality spin-off of Project Runway!  P.R. has always and will always be up there on my list of fabulous reality shows, and Project Accessory may be quickly rising to the top of the list as well!

One of the best, and one of the worst!
At first glance, I thought it would get old pretty fast but after the first episode that consisted of taking trash from OLD storage units and turning it into crazy cool accessories my view quickly changed!  The whole premise reminds me of my glory years in Odyssey of the Mind/Destination Imagination (please tell me someone out there knows what I'm talking about)!  Creative problem solving to turn old trash into modern pieces of art!  LOVE!

There are many aspects of the show that I'm pretty much obsessed with, my top three :
3 Accessories to style an LBD!
1.  SO many different styles and ability levels rocking out self-expression through major creativity!
2.  The judges aren't choosing the most in your face cray cray pieces, but rather the most stylish, wearable pieces unbiased from their own trends.
3.  I just love the massive desire to dig through my closet to create my own works of art after each episode!

Check out Project Accessory and get inspired to CREATE your own Style In The City!
Shopping Girl,

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