Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My January Obsessions In The City!

So January has been a bit chilly, (which is probably why the first half of my obsessions list is sweaters and television! :)  The first obsession slash new guilty pleasure is Lifetime's UNDER THE GUNN hosted by the oh-so perfect Tim Gunn!

The show is a spin off of Project Runway, and thank goodness because I can't go another month with out my favorite show in some capacity!  This designer competition takes three past winners of Project Runway and lets them create their own design team to compete against each other every week in a crazy design competition a la Project Runaway!  Say hello to my new Thursday nights (leopard onesie, plush throw, my couch, and my DVR!  :)
My next obsession of the month has seriously turned into a bit of a problem :) ... I am dying over the fancy sweatshirt trend!  It is the perfect excuse to stay super comfortable and still look completely put together in this weather which makes me want to reach for the warmest, coziest, softest things in my closet every day!  A few of my favorite sweatshirt trends include lace embellishments (Gorge! With simple pearls and rolled sleeves), block letter phrases (mine says BELIEVE IN LOVE, perfect layered over a chambray shirt with leather leggings), and studs on sweatshirts is a great way to make it evening appropriate with a funky skirt and ankle boots!

My third obsession, which makes me want to get out of the house and strut the streets of Chicago, is floral sunglasses!  They're a perfect reminder that Spring is on it's way!  I can't even handle how beautifully funky Kelly Osbourne's are in this Instagram shot!  Dolce & Gabbana, I'm obsessed!

Lastly, one of my favorite gigs this month was an editorial shoot for wool socks!  The team I worked with was amazing, and I just love the super cozy, casual, intimate vibe of the shoot!  Click here to check out the full campaign!  Styling shoots with such talented models, photographers, and makeup artists is always a blast and this one summed up how January 2014 felt to me perfectly! 

Let me know what your Obsessions in the city were in January and Stay tuned for my next Boutique In The City blog coming later this week!
Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

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