Friday, December 5, 2014

TGIFF Couples style!

Thank Goodness It's Fashion Friday, Couples Style!

One of my favorite men's boutiques, Bonobos, reached out to me to style a woman's look to compliment one of the looks from their new collection of men's suits!  They have such great suits for all different styles coming out in their new collection!

I decided to choose this super sleek and modern slate suit!  I love the slim fit and the monochromatic idea of the whole outfit together.  It reminded me of the suits that my husband and his groomsmen wore in our wedding, so I took that as inspiration when coming up with my complimentary woman's look!  I also played off of the texture and color palate of the tie to pull in some neutrals and golds with my woman's look!

I love the idea of keeping both the guy and girl simplistic in color with some sheen and texture to add intrigue and pull the looks together!  I'm also really into the fact that both of these looks can be worn year round depending on where you're going!  

I picture these fabulous looks going together out to a fancy dinner downtown, or an amazing holiday party!  With these two looks, they're sure to catch everyone's eye without begging for attention!  Subtle, sleek, modern, young, and fresh come to mind with these two complimentary looks!

My woman's look is inspired by the monochromatic idea with ivory and gold in rich textures of brocade and leather!  The fun pink ostrich clutch adds that perfect pop of color! I would love to see the guy wearing a fun sock in pink to really tie them both together in a subtle way!


Be sure to take your significant other to Bonobos the next time you're on the hunt for the perfect complimentary look for your fashionable Friday night (or any other night) event!

Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

Bangles:  3 Hearts Boutiquer
Earrings:  Glam 2 Go
Clutch:  Target
Belt:  Vintage

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