Monday, March 3, 2014

Obsessions In The City: Oscars Style

I'm not always a huge fan of watching the Oscars in it's entirety, don't get me wrong, I could watch the red carpet for days...but this year I was captivated!  I have quite a list of obsessions from last nights Oscars starting with...

Jared Leto!

As I tweeted last night, "I could not possibly be more obsessed with Jared Leto!  What a class act!  <3" From his sexy demeanor, little red bow tie, adorable speech about his mother, and then to address his feelings on AIDS so eloquently,
 "As you struggle to make your dreams happen, to live the impossible, we're thinking of you tonight...36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS,...who ever felt injustice for who you are and who you love.  Tonight I stand in front of the world for you." Check out his speech in it's entirety here!

 He set the bar high for the rest of the winners!  Swoon <3


I can't even stand how fierce this chic is!  She totally rocked that ruby red dress singing her heart out to one of everyone in the world's favorite songs, Somewhere Over The Rainbow!  
P.S. am I the only one who didn't know Liza Minnelli is Judy Garland's daughter????



She can do now wrong, I mean for real!  She has made no mistakes in this amazing start of her career!  Another flawless look all the way down to the headband accompanied by a flawless speech!  She literally takes my breath away!

My top three favorite looks of the night!  

Goldie Hawn was golden perfection! 

Emma Watson was modern, edgy, and gorgeous!

Lupita was floating on a light blue cloud!

Bitch Stole My Look!?

Whoopi pulled a Bitch Stole My Look moments!  Check her out wearing the exact same thing as Julia Roberts did just a month earlier (minus the ruby red heals) to the Golden Globes!!!???

I was obsessed with this year's Oscars, and would like to end on one more obsession from the evening, U2's performance of Ordinary Love, paying tribute to Nelson Mandela!


Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

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