Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Video To Show You Why I've Been Gone! :)

Rather than fill this blog with written excuses for why I've been super MIA for the last 6 months on the blog, I thought I would share a video instead!  :)

My HUSBAND and I finally tied the knot after 18 months of engagement/planning and almost 7 years of dating bliss!  :)  We got married this summer at our cottage on Torch Lake on Aug. 9th!  The wedding was everything we had dreamed of and much more!  

Because of the major planning (which I LOVED) I did end up putting a lot of my fun extra circulars on hold (including my blog) while planning, and then honeymooning, and then doing major catch up with my awesome clients over the last few months!  

So I'm here today to share a glimpse into our beautiful day! Let this transport you to the warm summer months for a moment, and get you ready to start checking in on Style In The City on a regular basis again now that I'm back in Chicago and ready to hibernate in style for the winter!  ;)

Hope you enjoy!

Shopping Girl,
Lora Goodrich ;)

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