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Packing Tips from a Pro!


Hi Fashion Lovers!  

With spring fast approaching and vacation season right around the corner Tania Rodamilans, one of my favorite Chicago jewelry designers, and I have collaborated to help you build the perfect travel wardrobe for any trip!  Join us March 22nd for a fab event to help you put together the PERFECT looks for any spring break on the horizon! 
 *Details Below* 

As a personal stylist I help my clients pack Vacation Capsule Collections for all sorts of fun destinations!  Don't we all just want to look fashionable and be stress-free while traveling!?   By following these simple steps I ensure you will be just that!  :)

*We used the fabulous travel blogger, Emily Hines, as inspiration for our shoot.  Think of a trip full of everything from low key coffee shops, funky breweries, and fancy dinners out.  She loves a good print, always looks effortless, and has to pack looks that will take her anywhere!*

Start with Neutral Basics!
This makes it super easy to wear these items with multiple combinations in very different ways depending on what your travel plans throw your direction!
Think blacks, grays, and whites!

Same neutral basics, two totally different looks!
Purse:  Brynn Capella
Kimono:  Sophia Reyes

Layers are Key!
I always like to pack an assortment of different weight jackets, sweatshirts, and kimonos on trips for layering.  This way you’re sure to have the right piece for different weather and different events!
Also the perfect way to add in fun texture, print and color to your travel wardrobe!

Cool textures with these layers created new dimension!

Keep a Cohesive Color Scheme!
Come up with a color scheme and stick to it so that your pieces can easily be mix-and-matched throughout your trip!  With our travel collection, we focused on one of the hottest color combinations of 2017; oranges and blues!

Pulling those colors into your jewelry and accessories is key!

Kimono:  Sophia Reyes
Skirt:  Wulfka

Accessories take any look from Day to Night!
When it comes to shoes really plan for comfort and necessity!  Over packing shoes is the quickest way to fill up a suitcase!  I like to have at least one statement shoe that can take my looks up a notch!  Then, make sure you have a COMFORTABLE option!  Add in a few fun accessories that you can play around with on your trip like sunglasses, hats, turbans, and bags.  
These are smaller items so you can pack a few and see if they feel right while you’re traveling!

Notice how the accessories pull these looks together!

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses! 
If you are someone who feels more comfortable having more options, opt for dresses!  They are only one item and can usually be folded to take up less space!  Make sure to consider fabric choices and choose dresses that won’t wrinkle as easily!
This is the perfect way to add in a few extra options without breaking your suitcase!  😉

Two of my favorite LBD options to make sure you're ready for anything on your vacay!

Pre-plan your looks before packing up!
I swear by pre-planning looks before take-off!  It is the only way to feel completely at ease with knowing you’re covered for your different events and not having to stress while you should be enjoying your trip!
It is amazing how much this will simplify your wardrobe!

Turban:  Sophia Reyes

Clothing:  The LBD Etc.
Photographer:  Mike Handler
Model:  Cora Buckle
Stylist:  Lora LaPratt
Jewelry:  Tania Rodamilans

Create a capsule collection of jewelry!
Think within the same color scheme and pack pieces that can be worn multiple ways! Fun statement necklaces and a “wear with everything” bracelet are all you need to tie your looks together and feel uber fashionable!  We checked in with Tania to hear what inspired her newest "On The Road Capsule Collection"!

These pieces can be worn separately or layered and the different chains are interchangeable for tons of different combinations!!


with Tania Rodamilans

Being a jewelry designer I am spoiled when it comes to accessories, as I get to select from all the pieces I have in my studio when I get dressed in the morning. However, when I travel I have no choice but to edit. Trust me, a bag full of necklaces gets heavy fast and occasionally gets you stopped at security. True story.

That's how I started to design pieces that could be worn more than one way and work with a broad range of outfits.
What started as a design challenge to avoid my own personal accessory packing meltdowns, quickly became a trademark of my brand. Now I have made it my mission to always have at least 2 pieces in any of my collections that can be worn more than one way.
My On The Road capsule collection will be available at our event March 22nd and is available on my Etsy store now!
*details below!*
These necklaces are meant to travel, where will you take them?


@ The LBD, Lincoln Park Location, March 22th:  5-7pm
2202 N. Halsted
Tania Rodamilans jewelry trunk show + SGXOXO (ME!) doing complimentary styling to help you find the perfect spring break travel wardrobe! Enjoy travel treats and cocktails while you shop Tania's exclusive capsule collection!


If you're interested in learning more about my styling services or want to follow us on Instagram and Facebook visit ...


Shopping Girl,

Lora LaPratt

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