Monday, January 29, 2018

Super Simple Styling Tips to Pull Any Look Together!!


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Hi fashion lovers!  
As a personal stylist one of the things I hear over and over again from my clients is that they want to look more modern and put together without any stress!  Most mornings can be a hectic, blurry haze and figuring out how to tie your look together gets overwhelming and often forgotten about because you just don’t have the time or energy.
Luckily, taking your look to the next level doesn’t have to be stressful!  I’m going to share with you four of my SIMPLEST styling tips to instantly take any look from drab to fab in a snap!  I’m keeping it short and simple just like getting dressed in the morning should be!
Cuffing your sleeves OR your skinny jeans is a simple way to tailor your look and give it a “cool girl” vibe!  A chic cuff that shows off the lining print of your blazer or the color of your blouse underneath will instantly make you look like you put thought into your look!

Play around with a messy front tuck with your blouses.  This gives your shape definition without having to wear super fitted clothing and gives your look more polish!  Different and unique tucks are everything right now so think outside the box!  Tuck the bottom half of your button downs while leaving the upper half untucked or opt for tucking a chunky knit into a sleek skirt to play with proportions and look edgy/chic!

If your belt loops are going to show, even only when raising your arms put a belt in them! It’s a tiny thing that can make or break a look.  Think of this as another accessory that can tie your entire outfit together!  Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most impact!  I recommend getting one “go-with-everything” thin metallic option if you don’t know where to start or how to begin pairing your belts.

Before leaving the house ask yourself if your look has a pop!  Your pop does not only have to be of color anymore, especially with monochromatic outfits having such a moment.  I like to remind my clients to always have at least a little pop of color, texture or shine to add an element of interest!
I played dress up at Cinnamon with some of my very favorite casual/chic pieces to demonstrate!  In winter I love the idea of taking cozy comfortable pieces to the next level with pops of texture and shine.  Outfits like this are my “go-to” weekend vibe this year!


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