Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lora's top TOP trends for summer!

A Fabulous Top Can Turn Any Day Around!

When it comes to updating my client's wardrobes for summertime in Chicago the key ingredient always comes down to a new selection of standalone, easy to wear tops! As long as they have one of my favorite trends incorporated they will be super easy to mix-and-match into your existing wardrobe to create tons of different modernchic, outfits that will make you feel confidentcomfortable, and super pulled together!

Cold Shoulder!

Bows Galore!


Half Tuck Realness!


Try any of these styles with a perfect pair of cut-off shorts for a great every day look, a crisp pair of white jeans for a fancier vibe, or a pleated maxi for a statement look!  All of today's looks are available at LBD Chicago!

Stylist:  Lora LaPratt
Model:  Emily Ward
Clothing:  LBD Chciago

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Shopping Girl,

Lora LaPratt

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