Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Packing Tricks!

The holidays are coming up so I figured it was a perfect time to shed a little light on packing!  I am a major OVER packer by nature!  It wasn't until my post college year of backpacking through New Zealand that I discovered many skills in downsizing my necessities. Having the true comfort in knowing exactly what every item I had in my possession was and exactly where to find it was fierce!

Now, packing in a backpack that you will literally carry on your back for a year is much different than packing in luggage for a holiday vacation filled with fun/stylish events or even a trip out of the Chicago winter on a cruise to the Bahamas (which I actually just had the luck of returning from!)  But many of the packing tricks hold true no matter what you're packing in or where you're packing for!

My favorite thing to do when packing for any trip is to run through each day in my head, and photograph the outfits I will need for that day.  I include everything from jewelry, shoes, and undergarments.  If there happens to be a few different events, I will try to use the same pieces throughout as much as possible.

Here is an example of just one day on my cruise last week.  Each day consisted of a beach/pool outfit, a day outfit for enjoying the ports, and an evening wear outfit for our fancy dinner on the ship!   

By giving yourself a visual of what you will wear every day for each occasion, it will alleviate all the stress when getting ready on your trip, leave you with more time to enjoy the vacation and hopefully more space to bring home some souvenirs!

Shopping Girl XOXO has packing specials where I will come to your home and put together all of your outfits for your trip, help pack, take pictures, and even bring options of new clothing to take with you (whatever you're looking for!)  contact us @ www.shoppinggirlxoxo.com to set up your holiday packing package!!!

Create your own Style In The City you're traveling to this season!
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