Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Top Ten Styling Tips For Men!

My male clients often want a quick, easy, simple rule book for styling tips!  While I am a firm believer that fashion has no rules, these are my simple styling tips for men just looking for an answer.  (Also a great guide for any girlfriend/wife/daughter/sister/friend when asked advice)  If you're ever unsure, these little gems will help you on your way to feeling confident and looking great!

1.  Every outfit should have a timeless accessory.  I recommend a watch!

2.  Don’t be afraid of color, a little pop can modernize an entire outfit in one simple step!  I recommend  starting with socks, a fun watch face, or a scarf.  

3.  When choosing shirts and ties to mix and match you can never go wrong with one solid and one pattern.  Stick with the same color categories.  

4.  Slimmer fits are more modern…whether it is pants, jeans, shirts, jackets, lapels, etc. 

5.  Layer, layer, layer!  A great V-neck sweater over a shirt and tie and under a suit jacket for the office.  Simply un-tuck, take off the tie and jacket and you’re ready for the bar!  

6.  Always show your shirt cuffs!  It adds character and elongates the arm.

7.  A great bag can add to your style while making transitioning from office appropriate to evening appropriate a cinch.      

8.  Your belt and shoes should match!  Black and black/ brown and brown (socks should follow the same rule unless playing with colors)

9.  Pick comfortable pieces that still look great and pulled together for those days/nights that you’re in the mood to go out but not get dressed up.   

10.  Be confident!

Hope this helps in creating your own Style In The City for all you men out there!
Shopping Girl,
Lora LaPratt

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